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William Tew, PhD (CEO)  Over 40 Years of entrepreneurial experience. Founder of Chesapeake Biological Laboratories, Glycosan BioSystems (now part of BioTime). Associate Provost/Assistant Dean of Technology Licensing at the Johns Hopkins University.

Jeremiah Alt, MD, PhD (Director of Respiratory Clinical Development) Dr. Alt is a faculty member in the Division of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery at the University of Utah. He is the chair of the Education Committee for the American Rhinologic Society (ARS). Dr. Alt is a member of the Nanoinstitute of Medicine at the University of Utah and the Huntsman Cancer Center, Head and Neck Cancer, Disease Oriented Research Team (UADT DOT).

Glenn Prestwich, PhD (CSO) Presidential Professor, and Director of Center for Therapeutic Biomaterials at the University of Utah. Dr. Prestwich is a co-founder of GlycoMira, Echelon Biosciences, Glycosan BioSystems, Sentrix Animal Care. He also serves as Chief Science Officer at Symic Bio.

Justin Savage, PhD (VP Operations) Dr. Savage serves as GlycoMira’s Vice President of Operations. He earned his doctorate degree in Biochemistry from Brigham Young University.

Won Yong Lee, DVM, MS, PhD (Director of Research and Development) Dr. Lee has been leading our R&D. He has high quality scientific achievements throughout his academic career (including two Nature articles). His expertise include radiation biology, toxicology, pharmacology, biophysics, structural biology, neurobiology, and genetics. A Mayo Clinic alum (Ph.D. in neuroscience).

Abigail Pulsipher, PhD (Director of Respiratory Research & Development) Dr. Pulsipher received a PhD in Chemistry from the UNC-Chapel Hill and studied with Dr. Linda Hsieh-Wilson (HHMI) in chemical glycobiology at the CalTech. She has extensive experience in the synthesis, structural chemical biology, and signaling of glycosaminoglycans. Dr. Pulsipher currently serves as the Director of Respiratory R&D, focusing on chronic rhinosinusitis and asthma.