Executive Management Team

William Tew, PhD

Over 40 Years of entrepreneurial experience. Founder of Chesapeake Biological Laboratories (Baltimore, MD), Glycosan BioSystems (now part of BioTime, Alameda, CA). Also serving as Associate Provost/Assistant Dean of Technology Licensing at the Johns Hopkins University.

Thomas Kennedy, MD, MPH

Physician and Inventor. Expert in glycosaminoglycan biology. Dr. Kennedy is a co-founder of GlycoMira Therapeutics and ParinGenix (now Cantex Pharma, FL). Previously, he was a Professor of Medicine at the University of Utah and Tulane Medical Center. He received his MD from Vanderbilt University and trainings from the Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Glenn Prestwich, PhD

Presidential Professor, and Director of Center for Therapeutic Biomaterials at the University of Utah. Dr. Prestwich is a co-founder of GlycoMira, Echelon Biosciences, Glycosan BioSystems, Sentrix Animal Care. He also serves as Chief Science Officer at Symic Bio (San Francisco, CA)

Justin Savage, PhD

Dr. Savage operates GlycoMira. Previously, he worked at Prolexys (UT). A BYU alum (PhD in Biochemistry)

Won Yong Lee, DVM, PhD
Director of R&D

Dr. Lee has been leading our R&D since 2011. He has high quality scientific achievements throughout his academic career (including two Nature articles) and continuing that legacy in GlycoMira’s R&D efforts. A Mayo Clinic alum (Ph.D. in neuroscience). In summer, you can find him on a racetrack driving a kart or in one of many hiking trails.

Research Gate
Abigail Pulsipher, PhD
Director of Respiratory Research & Development

Continuing her research interest in glycobiology from Caltech, Dr. Pulsipher leads our research in respiratory health. An UNC-Chapel Hill alum (Ph.D. in chemistry). She is an avid climber exploring the challenges around the world.